Georgia agriculture is diverse and extraordinary, just like its people.

As a grassroots organization with hundreds of thousands of members across the state, Georgia Farm Bureau stands for the values that make our state special.





Most importantly, we stand up for the farming families in Georgia who help provide the fresh food and fiber that we all need to thrive.  Farming families who have an unwavering commitment to producing exceptional products that feed their family, their communities, and their state.

Georgia Farm Bureau shares that unwavering commitment, from helping to build a strong agriculture industry in Georgia to providing reliable protection to Georgians through affordable insurance products.

Georgia Farm Bureau is in your community. We are in every Georgia community. We are volunteers, we are teachers. We are legislative advocates, we provide leadership training and industry expertise to farmers and small business owners. We are skilled insurance agents, we are adjustors who go above and beyond.  We are farmers, we are consumers. We are neighbors.

We Are All Farm Bureau.

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Please join us in standing up for Georgia agriculture and Georgia communities with a $35 annual membership. In addition to promoting a safe and abundant food supply, members enjoy over 300,000 member benefits.  


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